Arbitrator, Counsel

Brussels (BE)

+32 02 533 17 69

+32 02 533 17 90


Dutch, English, French

Practice area

  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Joint Ventures / Consortia / Shareholder Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


Educational/ Current position / Professional Experience


Master in law (Universiteit Gent), 1999
Complementary Master in Economic Law (Université libre de Bruxelles), 2001
Member of the Brussels Bar since 2009 (previously, since 2001, of the bars of Gent and Antwerp)

Current position

Managing partner at Simont Braun (lawfirm).

Professional experience

Steven Callens has a broad expertise in dispute resolution with a particular focus on M&A, corporate law and corporate governance matters.
Steven is an expert in post-acquisition disputes, shareholder disputes and directors’ liability cases.
Steven’s combined expertise in dispute resolution (including arbitration) and corporate M&A matters is an important asset to clients as he can anticipate and prevent potential issues and, should a dispute occur, handle it in the best possible way.
Steven is a member of the Belgian Arbitration Institute (CEPANI), the International Bar Association (IBA), the Institute of Directors (GUBERNA) and the Luxembourg Arbitration Association (LAA).

Arbitration Experience

Experience as Arbitrator:

10 cases
8 were domestic cases and 2 international
8 as sole arbitrator and 2 as co-arbitrator
9 were under the CEPANI Rules and 1 under the ICC Rules

Experience as Counsel:

Numerous cases
Both domestic and international (1 int’l with seat in Luxembourg and Luxembourg law as applicable law)
Both ad hoc and under arbitrational rules (ICC and CEPANI)
Post-acquisition disputes, shareholder disputes, construction

Publications and Speaking Engagements

• “Sector specific M&A: Renewable energy M&A – Where is the value and where is the risk?” (AIJA, Valbella, Jan. 2018)
• “De hervorming van het Wetboek van Vennootschappen” (Women on Board, Dec. 2017)
• “De hervorming van het Wetboek van Vennootschappen” (Client seminar, Nov. 2017)
• “Transactions involving distressed properties” (AIJA, Parma, April 2017)
• “Specific clauses in asset purchase agreements” (AIJA, Lille, Oct. 2016)
• “Security instruments for payment of the purchase price and other claims” (AIJA, Budapest, April 2016)
• “The True Value of Shareholders’ Agreements” (AIJA, Val Gardena, Italy, Jan. 2016)
• “Workshop on dispute resolution in M&A transactions – what happens when your M&A deal goes sour” (AIJA, Santiago de Chile, Nov. 2014)
• “Ethical issues relating to third party funding and counsel remuneration” (AIJA, Prague, August 2014)
• “Equity financing for M&A transactions” (AIJA, London, April 2014)
• “The end of the deal: renegotiation clauses and (reverse) break-up fees” (AIJA, Chamonix, Jan. 2013)
• “Getting the deal done: indemnification tools” (AIJA, Milan, Oct. 2012)
• “De verantwoordelijkheden van bestuurders, zaakvoerders in vennootschap” (Koninklijke Vereniging van Accountants en Boekhouders van België, Ghent, May 2011)


Practice areas